10 Mobile Apps that are Crazy Useful for Biking in Cities

Biking made mobile – your smartphone is officially in on the excitement.


Looking for a great app that will make biking in cities 1,000x easier? Check out our list of the 10 best apps that are crazy useful for biking in the city!

1. Bike Citizens

Available for: Android / iOS

With features like navigation, points of interest, voice guidance, activity recorder, offline routing and pre-assembled bicycle tours, Bike Citizens is a useful all-in-one app. Bike Citizens also has a UK version, so users on both sides of the pond can enjoy it!

2. Citi Bike

Available for: Android / iOS

This app is focused on NYC, making it a perfect companion if it’s your first time visiting the Big Apple. Citi Bike maps out all 322 bike stations and provides route planning, location searches, and a partnership with The Scoop app that recommends restaurants, events and more.

3. Bike Maps by Maplet

Available for: Android / iOS

Bike Maps takes the old practice of mapping bike routes within a city to the next level on your mobile device. Once downloaded via the app, you can use these bike maps while you’re offline, so you don’t need to use your data or have good service to access them. That makes them ideal for a bike ride in any location. The map even includes off-road trails and parks as well.

4. Strava

Available for: Android / iOS

This app calculates a ton of useful fitness data while you ride, including calories burned, miles traveled, elevation and speed and it even maps your route using GPS. Key for those looking to challenge themselves, it awards your for “personal best” records and encourages you to reach new goals. The app has a heavy social media focus, and has led to a new genre of ‘bike route art’ that led to a marriage proposal spelled out by streets.

Check it out here: 

5. Moves

Available for: Android / iOS

This app works like a FitBit, with movement tracking that automatically detects whether you’re on a bike, walking, or running. You can use this app to keep track of where you go throughout the day as well – it records stops that you make, so if you can’t remember where you got that delicious bagel, you can always use Moves to remember what cafes you visited that day.

6. Endomondo

Available for: Android / iOS

The app tracks and captures your activity, similar to Moves, but with an extra cool biking feature: they have a National Biking Challenge from May 1- August 31 that aims to unite 50,000 people to bike 10 million miles. We think that’s really awesome – and so do the League of American Bicyclists and Bikes Belong organizations, which is why they’re sponsoring the event. Bottom line: you can win prizes all for doing what you were already going to do, which is stay on your bike all summer!

7. SBS Tour de France Skoda Tour Tracking App

Available for: iOS

This is the Tour’s official app and it’s perfect for cyclists, because there’s no way you can catch the entire Tour on TV if you’re busy on your own bike. The app gives you live video, GPS tracking, video recaps, and more.

8. Bike Brain

Available for: iOS

This all-in-one app has everything you could need, whether you’re a casual biker or a sports cyclist – GPS mapping, in-app picture uploads, heart rate monitoring, training mode and more. It archives all your past bike routes too in case you’d like to pull them up and use them again.

9. MapMyRide

Available for: Android / iOS

Just like the website, but for your phone! MapMyRide lets you choose from over 120 million bike routes worldwide, or your can just create your own! It also includes training tools, nutrition tracking and you can share your routes with all your cyclist friends.

10. Bike Hub

Available for: Android / iOS

This app is perfect for spontaneous, insane rides like the ones you’ll find in cities. The app has features that can get you the fastest bike route from one point to another, and also includes voice alerts for upcoming turns or shortcuts, making it a great app for commuters. If you want to get somewhere fast and safe, especially in a dangerous city, Bike Hub is the app you need to get you there.

Bonus tip: the Google Maps app, although an obvious choice, is also great for biking in cities, and has a bike route option available.