1. Introduction

We want to make sure all parts are snug and brakes are working to avoid a crash.

2. Check Brakes

Squeeze both brakes and push your bike back and forth.

If you cannot move the bike, your brakes are working fine.

If your brakes feel loose, return to the brake section and re-adjust them.

If you are unable to get your brakes working correctly, please take your bike to a professional mechanic. 

3. Check Headset

Try to move the spacers underneath your stem.

If you can move them, you need to tighten your top bolt by loosening the rear stem bolts, tightening the top cap bolt, and re-tighten the stem bolts.

If you can't move them, you're all set!

4. Check Handlebars

A. Turning left or right

    • Stand over the bike. 
    • Place both feet on either side of the front wheel, locking it in place.
    • Grab the handlebars and attempt to rotate the them to the left and right. 
    • If everything is as it should be, your feet will hold the wheel in place, preventing the handlebars from rotating.
    • If they move away from the wheel, realign them and tighten the stem bolts.

B. Side to Side

    • If the narrow gap between the stem and the face plate appears uneven side to side, loosen the face plate, re-center the handlebars and re-tighten the face plate.

C. Rotating forward and back

    • Grab your handlebars and try to twist them forward or back. 
    • If they do not move, you're all set 
    • If they move, tighten the stem face plate until your handlebars are set. 

5. Check all bolts

Make sure all bolts are tightened on the bike.

6. Inflate your tires

Tighten the lockring.

Remove the valve cap.

Untwist the Presta valve tip (this allows you to inflate the tube).

Inflate your tire to between 75-85 psi.

Twist the valve tip so that it is closed.

Twist the valve cap on.

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