8S Disc Brake Setup


1. Connecting your front brake cable

Untwist front brake cable.

Place the end of the cable housing into brake lever.

Route cable into brake caliper.

Loosen cable clamp.

Route cable through cable clamp. Pull tight to ensure that the cable housing is fully inserted into both the lever and the caliper.

Lightly tighten cable clamp (just enough to hold it in place, not enough to fray the cable).

Spin the wheel to check if your wheel spins freely with no excess noise. If so, you need no further adjustment. Skip to step 5.

If you hear rubbing, continue to step 2.

NOTE: The tire may appear to wobble when spun. Don't worry, this is normal and happens when a tire hasn't been inflated/ridden.

Note: Disc brake adjustments can be challenging and this is an advanced step.  We recommend you have a bicycle mechanic adjust the brakes for you. 

2. If you heard rubbing, loosen caliper mounting bolts

Slightly loosen caliper mounting bolts.

This will allow the caliper to move sideways.

3. If you heard rubbing, center the brake caliper

Press and hold the brake lever to secure pads against the rotor. This will move the caliper so that pads are aligned to the rotor.

Inspect the caliper and brake pad pistons. Push caliper left or right until pistons appear centered over rotor.

Maintain pressure on the rotor and tighten the caliper mounting bolts a quarter turn at a time to ensure accurate alignment.

4. If you heard rubbing, fine-tune the pad alignment

Release lever and inspect this initial pad alignment. Spin your wheel.

If your wheel spins freely with no excess noise, then you need no further adjustment.

In some cases, however, a light rubbing may occur and will not generally be an issue with performance.

If the wheel seems too slow when it is turned, readjust the pads by repeating step 3.

Fine-tune the pad alignment by fully loosening one mounting bolt while keeping the other bolt snug. This will allow you to push the caliper while pivoting off the snug bolt.

5. Trim the excess brake cable and add a cable tip

Using your pliers, cut the excess brake cable to leave only about 2 inches of cable. 

CAUTION: This step may require you press hard on your pliers and might require multiple cuts. Be careful not to twist the wire because it might fray at the cut end, making it harder for you to add a cable tip.
TIP: Cut the cable close to the center of the pliers, at the base of the cutting edges to increase your leverage.

Find the cable tip in the bag with reflectors. 

Add the cable tip at the end of the cable. Crimp it down with your pliers to secure it around the end of the cable.

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