The Ultimate Commuter Bike 

Puncture-resistant tires. Aluminum rustproof frame and chain. Theft-resistant components.

Whether you’re a seasoned bike commuter or a newbie, Fortified Bicycle is the ideal commuter bicycle. We make the toughest, most reliable city bike. Period. Forget the days of riding an unreliable hybrid bike that dies in the city from flat tires, rust, or theft - Or worse yet - a clunky, shared city bicycle you can't take home. Having recently been featured on CNBC, FOX, and NPR, this theft resistant bike is the most talked about commuter bike this year. Despite the tough, rugged image, this is not only a mens commuter bike - 30% of Fortified customers are female bikers, as Fortified is the only city bike women and men alike trust to meet the daily needs of a commuter. City bikes for men and women need to be reliable. So we pack these bikes with anti theft power from the wheels, to the seat, to the handlebars. For side visibility on this commuter bike white retro reflective decals make you shine. The best commuter bikes also need to ride in all road conditions, so we equip Fortified city bikes with puncture resistant tires that make easy work of potholes and broken glass. If you’ve ever had a 10 speed bike or higher, you know that they are susceptible to tuning issues, so this single speed bike maneuvers fast on flat ground. Finally, we designed our urban stallion to be a lightweight bike, using high quality 6061 aluminum to craft a small bike, medium bike, and a large bike to accommodate all urban commuters. The bike comes 80% assembled. You do the rest with our awesome online assembly instructions. We value your safety - always ride with a commuter bike helmet. Weight: 23 Pounds Frame: 6061 Aluminum, w/ horizontal drop-Outs, rack & render mounts Handlebars: Promax 15 degree 20mm rise Brakes: Promax Dual Pivot Caliper w/ Quick Release Arms Tire: 700 x 32 Puncture Resistant Chain: KMC Rustbuster Security Bolts: Fortified Wheel Locks: Delta Fort Knox Weight Limit: 270 Pounds

Watch Us Catch A Bike Thief (Whip/NaeNae)



Custom security bolts prevent thieves from removing your seat, handlebars, and wheels. Lock your bike to practically anything.


Puncture-resistant tires keep your ride smooth and unplanned trips to the bike shop at a minimum.


Weather resistant chain, frame and saddle keep your Fortified looking and feeling new with minimal maintenance.



Starting at $329 

Caliper Brakes 

Chromoly Freewheel 

Lightweight Aluminum (23 lbs) 


Starting at $549

Disc Brakes Shimano 

Altus Gears 

Lightweight Aluminum (26 lbs) 


Starting at $69/Month

If a thief steals your bike 

with Fortified Theft Protection, 

we'll ship you a new one in 24hrs. 


Nancy S.

Boston, Massachusetts

The Fortified bike is light and tough. Great for city streets. I feel like I'm flying on the Fortified.


Oakland, California

I love the bomb-proof simplicity of this bike. After 6 months, the bike is virtually maintenance free, rides awesome and I know I can lock it up anywhere.

Andrew W.

Toronto, Ontario

Best city bike I've ever owned. For me, the peace of mind is well worth it.