1. Prepare the seatpost for installation

NOTE: The purpose of adding grease is to avoid corrosion and to prolong the life of your bike.  

Add a thin coat of grease to the inside of the seat tube up to about an inch below the opening.  

You can smear the grease with your fingers to distribute it evenly. 

Use less than 1/4 of the grease pouch as we will use the rest for installing other parts. 

2. Loosen the Payback seatpost clamp

NOTE: If you loosen the bolt too much, a piece of the clamp may fall out.  Carefully unscrew the bolt. If it falls out, just put it back in. 

Turn the Fortified Security Key counterclockwise to loosen the bolt on the locking Payback seatpost clamp.  

Loosen the clamp until you can insert the seatpost. 

3. Insert the seatpost into the bike frame and tighten the Payback clamp

Grab the seat and slowly slide the seatpost into the frame.

NOTE: You will adjust the seat height in a later step.  Don't worry about adjusting the height at this time.

Align the saddle so the front is facing forward. 

NOTE: Be careful when tightening the Payback seatpost clamp, as you can strip the bolt if the key is not fully inserted.

Use the Fortified Security Key to tighten the Payback seatpost clamp and saddle bolt. 

You should not be able to move the saddle at all if tightened correctly. 

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