Your New Aviator + Afterburner Lights

Congratulations! You are moments away from riding with the toughest urban bike lights on the planet. Here's how to get started...


Step 1 

First things first - you'll want to Activate your Forever Promise Warranty (and get the 10% off coupon you'll receive via email for doing so!)




Note: You only have 30 days to do this after your purchase date before it expires.


Step 2

Now we're gonna show you how to use them. But with great power comes great responsibility, so make sure to watch the entire 2-minute video below. 


But first, a quick note...

Now watch this video....

Lights don't fit? This should help - as long as your handlebars/seatpost are within the compatible range of 22mm - 31.8mm:

Remove the rubber shims to give the light clamp extra space


Get Long Screws HERE


Step 3

Now get out there and be somebody!

...who never takes their lights off.