3D Kids Night Lamp Marvel The Avengers Superhero Captain America Hulk Black Panther Ironman Spider man LED Night Light for Child

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Product Size
Measures approx. : 200*140*5mm     USB Cable:950mm     Base size:85*35mm
Package Contents: 
1 x Acrylic Panel
1 x micro USB Power Cable
1 x 3D LED Night Lamp Basement

Remote Control has 16 colors and more functions (need to choose with or without)

1.Brightness increase 2.Brightness decrease 3.Switch off 4.switch on 5.color selection-static color
6.Flash -colors keep altemating automatically 7.Strobe -flash of 16 colors like disco lights
8.Fade -light fade in and out of 16 colors automatically.
9.Smooth -colors changing in a slow motion.