Aviator USB Headlight


Lock Them On. Ride Forever.

This lightweight aluminum light locks to your seat post with custom security bolts, and is guaranteed to last forever - If it's ever stolen, broken or water damaged, we'll replace it!  Swap batteries on the go with removable, rechargeable USB batteries. Perfectly illuminate city streets with 150 lumens of brightness, or light up suburban paths and urban alleys with the 300 lumen Boost version.

Anti-Theft Guarantee
Weather Proof
Shock Proof
USB Rechargeable Battery

Never Take Your Lights Off Again

Custom security bolts lock the lights to your frame for life.

Our Promise Lasts Forever

These city-proof bike lights are guaranteed for life against theft, breakage, and weather damage.

Never Ride Uncharged

Custom, removable, rechargeable batteries enable quick swapping on the go.


Material: Lightweight Aluminum
Weight: 4.1 oz Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.9 x 1.7in
Fits handlebars: 22mm-31.8mm
Are your bars 30mm or larger? You might want longer screws.
Brightness: Standard: 150 lumens, Boost: 300 lumens
Battery: USB Rechargeable, Removable Li-ion
Run Time: Up to 5 hours
Modes: Boost, Steady, Flash, Eco-flash
Warranty: Lifetime coverage against theft, breakage, water-damage

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