Payback Bike Seat Security


Lock Them On. Ride Forever.

The Payback bike seat security system locks down your seat post and saddle with Fortified security bolts. If either are ever stolen, we'll replace them with a brand new one. That's a Fortified promise. Basic Payback seat post security is only $15. Add $10 for a saddle bolt which enables your anti-theft guarantee. The key to the Payback is in its proprietary tool for unlocking. You can unlock and adjust your seat in a snap, but would-be-crooks are left scratching their heads.

Payback accommodates all 5 of the major seat post sizes, and all modern saddle bolt sizes (if you have an old bike with a horizontal bolt, sorry!) So unless your post and saddle are super unique, you're covered!

$25 Guarantees your
seat is never stolen

$25 Guarantees your seat is never stolen

Lifetime Anti-Theft

Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee

Installs in 60 Seconds

Installs in 60 Seconds

Fits nearly every bike,
you'll just have to measure yours:

Proprietary Security Bolts
Like keys to a car

Proprietary Security Bolts Like keys to a car


Seat Tube Sizes: 28.6 - 34.9
Binder Bolt Sizes: Universal
Material: Aluminum (Clamp), Steel (Bolts)
Clamp Weight: 0.2oz
Warranty: Lifetime anti-theft guarantee, 1 year manufacturer defects
Please measure twice - All Payback Sales Are Final
* * Binder Bolts only come in silver - make sure to have color: silver selected for availability

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