Payback Bike Seat Security

Lock Them On. Ride Forever.

The Payback bike seat security system locks down your seat post and saddle with proprietary Fortified security bolts so a thief can never steal them. The key to the Payback is in its proprietary tool for unlocking. You can unlock and adjust your seat in a snap, but would-be-crooks are left scratching their heads.

Payback accommodates all 5 of the major seat post sizes, and all modern saddle bolt sizes (if you have an old bike with a horizontal bolt, sorry!) So unless your post and saddle are super unique, you're covered!


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Ensure your
seat is never stolen

$25 Guarantees your seat is never stolen


Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee

Installs in 60 Seconds

Installs in 60 Seconds

Fits nearly every bike,
you'll just have to measure yours:

Proprietary Security Bolts

Proprietary Security Bolts Like keys to a car


Seat Tube Sizes: 28.6 - 34.9
Binder Bolt Sizes: Universal
Material: Aluminum (Clamp), Steel (Bolts)
Clamp Weight: 0.2oz
Please measure twice - All Payback Sales Are Final
* * Binder Bolts only come in silver - make sure to have color: silver selected for availability

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